Paris Poodles
Testimonials 2
Cassey is just wonderful. A year old now.
She goes everywhere with us.
She is holding her weight at about 50#.
I have had her on a raw food diet for almost 5
months and she thrives on it.

I am getting her certified as a service dog so
that we can travel on Amtrak, etc. and take her
with us. She has been great for Bob as he had a
rough summer health wise. When he thinks I am
not around he talks to her so sweetly and just
loves her so much. Of course she loves him
because he gives her treats without making her
do anything for them .
She starts her intermediate training
classes in late September. I work some
with her everyday. She is wonderful with
the neighborhood children and so well
behaved in public. People are amazed that
she is only a year.

She loves the Farmer's Markets as
everyone stops to pet her. She sits and
gives them her paw and the vendors give
her treats.
Pray all is well with you and the family.
Be well. Thank you for this wonderful
creature that is gracing our lives. Not
sure I could have gotten through the
rough summer without her.

Fondly, Patricia
Oak Harbor, WA
She has finally learned to jump in the back of the vehicle.
Bob got her to finally do it. She was getting much for me to
lift all the time. She relates well to other dogs and I take
her to a wonderful doggy day care about every other week.
The gal has 3 1/2 acres and keeps the big and small dogs
separated. She gets to run and play all day - chase ducks and
rabbits (her most favorite thing to do).

I am busy. Teaching online again this semester. With Bob not
well most of the summer I was getting rather tired as I had
to pick up all the things he normally does.

I am freezing produce from the garden and fruit from the
Farmer's Market, and spending time at the beach or in the
woods with Cassy. One place I run Cassy is loaded with
marion berries and I pick while she runs.
Tia Crosby!

I was just going to send you some pictures of
Tia's summer haircut.  She gets looks and
compliments long or short  hair.  She is truly a
show stopper and a perfect sweetheart!  A day
she adds to our family!

Just to let you know that Monty is
doing fine now he's just a year old.  
I enclose some photos of Monty and
his friends at the local dog park and
Monty at the beach.

Qualicum Beach, B.C Canada

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you about
Rundle. (He got his name from Mt.Rundle in Banff)
He is about a year now and weights around 60 lbs.
He’s got a very friendly disposition, very
comfortable around people and is great with any
other dog. We’ve taken him for 3 dog training
sessions that have helped but he’s still very much
a young dog! It was hard getting used to a puppy
after having an old dog around for a long time.
Everyone tells us he’s very well behaved.
We have probably sent, and I’m honestly not exaggerating, over 20 people to check out your site.  
Every time in public we are educating people on poodles. We have people running out of their
houses, pulling their cars over and complete stranger’s calling out to us to ask, “that’s the most
beautiful dog I’ve ever seen! What is he?”….Usually followed by…”labradoodle? Goldendoodle? One
of those mixes?”
He’s a very good mountain dog, he stays close
and has excellent stability and stamina. Hasn’t
taken to chase deer, gophers, etc.  We’ve
taken it easy on him until he’s fully grown, but
have been adding some longer hikes this

Hope all is well with you, your family …take

Nick & Heather
Alberta, Canada

Miles is an amazing boy.  He
follows me everywhere. He
stayed home with Loren
yesterday but today I am taking
him to school with me.  

He has the most mellow
personality.  He is exactly the
dog for me.  We are bonded

Miles is very choosy who  he
plays with at the dog park.  He is
quite regal. He reviews the  
behaviour and size before
making any moves.  You were
totally right  about his
personality.  Calm and observant,
friendly but not overly outgoing.  
Totally bonded to me even though
he loves Loren too.  

Thank you for helping us choose
the perfect dog.

B.C. Canada