Why we don't breed: Labradoodles and Goldendoodles
Paris Poodles
Paris Poodles
is a small scale breeding program. We produce puppies
with good
health and solid temperament. The fact that
our dogs are also
beautiful and exceptionally easy to
is a bonus!   

We are proud to produce wonderful companions for  
families and individuals.  We understand that picking out
your new family member should be a joy so we keep the
whole process fun - simple and easy, packed with as
much free information, free training and educational
information you want!
Paris Poodle Puppies are extensively socialized and as
they grow up.  The neighbors know that when the pups
are old enough they always welcome to come socialize
with the pups.  Friends, family, co-workers, and friends of
our children also come and are allowed supervised play
sessions with the puppies.  

This makes for a very social, confident pup!  
After the pups have been vaccinated they will accompany
us on Alpine hikes.  By the time your dog goes home with
you he is a very well adjusted, happy fellow!

We expose the pups to various sights and sounds so
they learn that although the world is a big place it is not a
scary place!
Paris Poodles are fed the very best food.  

We feed Orijen Dog food.  This food is the very best dog
food produced today. The concept is simple: include the
fresh, whole foods that nature evolved dogs to eat (in
correct ratio and quantity), and exclude ingredients like
cereal grains that are not part of the natural diet.  
Orijen features fresh regional ingredients in a Biologically
Appropriate ratio of 70 percent meat, 30 percent fruit and
vegetables and zero grain (70/30/0).

We realize that not everyone can feed their companion as
we do.  We are okay with this and if asked will assist you in
finding a good dog food within your price range! Regardless
of what your feed your new friend, it is good to know that
your companion began his or her life on the very best food!  
All of our dogs see our veterinarian at least once a year for a check up, health testing
and shots if needed.  

All pups come with a
health certificate, first shots, and MORE.

When it comes to raising pups we do it the best way EVERY time.
Thank-you to all the Veterinarians and Professional Dog Trainers who
have recommended us.

Thank-you to the staff at
Children's Hospital for your referrals as well!
We believe the fun getting your new companion should begin with us.
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