Testimonials 9
Hope you are doing well!

It had been a while so I thought I would send you a quick update on
Tobey and some pictures.

He is 11 months now and is around 26 kgs all though I need to check
his weight again he grows a bit everyday, he is doing great and is
very friendly, loving, and we all just love to cuddle with him. The kids
love spending time  with him either playing or even just sitting on the
couch together which Tobey loves to do.

Hope you like the pics and have a great day! :)

Regards Zainab Al Shaikh
Dubai, UAE
Chili and Logan . Chili and Logan's mum share
the same dad Flame :) so Chili is an uncle to
Logan !

Chili was always a teenage hoodlum around
Bruno , but has suddenly turned into a mature
elder statesman around Logan . So funny !!

Dear Mommy-

This is Seda.  You called me Ashes but now I am Seda. It means "grey like ashes" in
Czech.  It is a good name for me because I turn more and more grey every day.  I'm
growing fast too.

My new familiy is Czech and we live in Washington.  It rains here too.  Except one day last
week it was cold and it snowed instead.  The little people stayed home and we played
outside.  It was very fun.  Sometimes we have too much fun in the house and the big ones
bark loudly and send us outside.

I try to be a good puppy like you told me.  I always give kisses to say thank you and come
when they call me.  I try really hard to do my doggy business outside.  I've been confused
about what is outside a few times.  There is one room in the front of the house that is cold
and kind of fancy.  They hardly go in there, but this week they put trees and branches
around and it smells like outside.  I know now that is definitely not outside.  Now when I
need to go,  I cry by the door.  They take me out right away.  Sometimes we go out on the
street on a leash.  I figured that one out.  Stay close and everything is good.  I sleep in a
crate with my blanket.  The first few nights I didn't like it but now I do.

The craziest thing is this…they tell me to sit and I do and they give me a salmon treat.  I
really like the salmon treats so I sit every time they tell me to.  Now they say "lay"  but I
don't really know what that means yet.  I am sure that I will get salmon treats when I figure
it out.  My family says that I am a very smart puppy.  They also say that I came from a
great family.

I love my new family and they love me.  I don't know if you are at Paris Poodles anymore
but I wanted you to know how wonderful I am doing.  Joanne and those other nice people
that helped us get our great start will let you know what a good puppy I am and you will be

Love, Seda
I gave him a bath the first evening when he arrived, and
he was very good, and seemed to like it.  I dried him
with a hairdryer.  When do you suggest taking him for a
“clip” – I had thought I would do it this upcoming
weekend, but perhaps it is too soon?

I took him to the mountains on Sunday, and he did very,
very well in the car – I was so surprised.  I had a
different crate – all wire, and he adapted to that very

Teddy sits very, very well.  I’m wondering if you could
tell me what else you had trained him to do (besides
being a wonderful dog), so I know where to start.  I
would like to teach him to “come”, “lay down”, “stay”.  

He seems to have adapted very, very well – he’s sniffed
around the house, and follows me everywhere.  

When I was on my walk yesterday, totally
coincidentally, I ran into GIRL #3 from Maia and Titan,
now called “Penny”.  We both live in the same
neighbourhood!  I’m sending a photo.  I am also sending
a few other photos.