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Just wanted to write and let you know how
thrilled we are to have Ted in our lives. Since
getting him a lot has changed in our lives - we
have relocated to San Francisco. Ted is such a
wonderful guy. He gets along so well with every
other dog and person he meets, and he is
famous at the dog beach now for his amazing
disposition and, of course, his red coat.  Nobody
believes that he is a Standard Poodle, and we
joke that we hear "what a beautiful
Labradoodle" 10x a day, and get tired of saying
"actually, he is a Standard Poodle". People stop
us on the street all the time - Ted is very

He's graduating from his first round of puppy
class tomorrow, which is exciting. He's about
40lbs now, so he was the biggest puppy in his
class - but also the most popular!  He's so smart
and it's fun to work on training with him, because
he learns so quickly, and seems eager to get it
right ( and get the treat!).  Already he is walking
on a leash like a pro, and he's getting better all
the time at listening to us at when he's off leash!
We heard horror stories about the damage a
puppy can do to your home, and although we
were prepared for it, Ted has not yet had a
problem with it. What a guy!

As every day passes he becomes more and
more affectionate with everyone, and he likes to
be around us all the time, whether it's cuddling
on the couch, or watching me blow dry my hair
in the bathroom (Ted LOVES the
blowdryer...haha!), or playing hide and seek
around the house. He is easy to have with us in
all scenarios - walking on the busy city streets
of San Francisco, riding in the car, running on
the beach or in the park, sitting quietly at a
sidewalk cafe/patio - it's hard to believe that
he's just 5 months old, he's so easy to be with.
Jet (you called him Cesar) is an awesome
dog!  He's not a pup any more--more like a
teenager--he's just 8 months old.  I've been
meaning to write you and thank you for
picking the right dog for me and to say that
you delivered on everything you said on
your website.  Jet's temperament has been
awesome since the day I picked him up.  
He's very calm and confident and he's fit
right in to his small town-urban
enviornment.  Although he doesn't always
choose to listen (he's still a pup in many
ways) he's very savvy and easily trained.  

As you can see by the pictures, he's a very
handsome boy and everyone who interacts
with him says so!  And he makes people
happy just by walking down the the
street--kids are always exclaiming, "It's a
poodle!" and asking if they can pet him and
I notice people smiling when they see him.  
When I first got him I started taking him for rides in my bicycle trailer and he was good with it right from the
start--he just sat there and looked around.  Then in July, when I licenced my motorcycle I built a carrier for him
on the bike where the back seat normally is.  I tied him in with his harness like on the bicycle and he loved it
right away!  He even accepted his "Doggles" right from the start and when people see him on the motorcycle
with them on they go gaga--literally! He's always having his picture taken--it gets embarassing sometimes!  He
gets excited when he knows he's going on the bike and loves the sightseeing and the turbocharged smells!

He loves going to the beach and I introduced him to swimming this summer.  He's been in swimming 4 or 5
times and although he's not super confident with it yet, I haven't pushed him and I'm sure that next summer he'll
be a strong swimmer.  He loves other dogs and likes nothing better than to chase or be chased especially if he
can get ahold of another dog's toy!  He's very healthy and strong and he's about 24 inches and 55 pounds

I live above a boutique pet shop that has a pet groomer in the back.  I did a few favours for the groomer lady
and now she lets me use her shop to groom Jet!  I do it about every two weeks and it is such a pleasure to do
with a raised tub and table and the proper drying equipment!  (I had my own clippers and scissors, etc. and I
groomed my former poodle).  I'm no pro but I can do an acceptable job for a downtown poodle!  And there
again, he's good with it on the whole (not crazy about his ears being cleaned but goes crazy when I'm finished!).

Thanks again, I love my Paris Poodle!

I hope that all is well and that you and the family
enjoyed a GREAT summer !

Chili is doing GREAT and enjoys being the centre
of attention wherever he goes. With a fantastic,
friendly personality and a real sense of humour...
he makes friends easily.

He's just back from the Vet having his life
changed... (pretty sure he heard me make the
appointment, he was not impressed) ... but has
bounced back immediately with his seeming
endless reserves of energy and enthusiasm.

Cheers and all the very best !

- Ric
Parker will soon be a year old on the 6th of May.
We are so lucky and thankful to have him in our
life. He is very intelligent, and has quickly mastered
dog puzzles. He keeps us constantly on our toes
with his inquisitive, energetic nature. He is
incredibly affectionate and we and all of our family
love him dearly. He loves children and other dogs.
Our grandchildren love him and he is gentle with
them. We were in Tucson for the winter and and
lost count of how many comments we  received  
on his gorgeous dark red colour and his
aristocratic appearance.  He travels very well and
loves every opportunity for a ride. Thank you again
for enabling us to have him as a member of our

Sharron and Eric
We love our girl "Jo". She has worked
her magic and fits perfectly into our

She causes quite a stir wherever she  
goes not only for her gorgeous
appearance but also for her cheery
disposition.  She is known as the she
loves to visit and play with every dog
she meets.  Jo loves all dogs big and
small and doesn't seem to have an
aggressive bone in her body. Jo is a
healthy girl , about 25"' at her shoulder
and weighted in at 45 pounds at her
last visit to the vet clinic.  

Thanks for staying in touch and we
would love to hear from you again.

Kerry and Bruce
It has been 4 years since I picked
Darcy up. Just a quick note to let
you know he is our wonderful smart
boy and a big member of the family.
Recently when my daughter and her
fiance visited from Manhattan with
their [cute but really stupid] Lakeland
Terrier they both fell in love with
Darcy...it helped that he followed
them around and gave them
"googley" eyes!!! I have given them
your website to look at and down
the road I think there will be another
"Paris Poodle" in the family.

As you can see from the photos he
is very close to his brother Max the
Great Dane, and his favorite pussy
The other day I wondered out loud to myself where Zoom the cat was...and Darcy just up and walked
down the hall and into my bedroom, where he knows he isn't supposed to go, and stood at the bottom
of my bed with nose touching a mysterious "lump" under the duvet....and THAT is an example of how
smart he is...just in everyday life!!!

Love him to pieces.

Best Wishes,
Quinn is a very fancy mover.  

As you know I have horses and watch
how just about anything with legs

He is a very high stepper compared to
Murphy and Pendleton.  Don’t get me
wrong they all are very athletic, it is
just the way he picks up his front end
that sets him apart.  

Darrell & Pam
Flynn at 11 weeks of age.
Just wanted to send you this sweet picture of my
grandson Eric and his special buddy Mango.

Eric suffers from high anxiety and is often incapacitated
by it, but whenever he is around Mango, he is able to
stay on an emotional level.

I wish we lived in the same town, and his family could
have a dog. They live in a rental house on a third of an
acre, all fenced, but the landlord doesn’t allow pets

I just wanted to give you an update on
Migo.  He is learning a lot and knows
all the basic commands (sit, stay,
down and down stay)  although not
always wanting to comply. But he is
very good on his “come” which is
great.  He is very social and loves
getting together with other dogs and
sanctuary behind people’s legs when
he is overwhelmed;  however, he
usually quickly gets back into the mix.  
He loves car rides.  He never needs to
be asked twice if he wants to go for a
ride.  He also is really good in the
car.  He is really loving the daily
walks.  One of his favorite activities is
retrieve and running between both
Merv and myself.

Take care,