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Paris Poodles Jacque Jack Royal
It's been a while since I emailed you about Jack, the
standard poodle that we purchased from you in June,
2006. I believe his papers said Jacque Jack Royal, lol

Jack is a great dog and we are very happy that we
adopted him!!  I think every time we take him out
someone says something about what a beautiful dog
he is.  He splits his time between being a beach
doggie in Sechelt, he loves living on the water and has
an ongoing rivalry with a crow that lives on the
beach.  The rest of the time he's in Vancouver, we
still have the same house that you brought him to in

I've attached a few pictures of him taken in earlier this

Almost 7 year old Jack!  
Still a nice brown!
Tikko is 5 years old now and
what a gem!  I can't tell you
how grateful we are to have
this wonderful boy in our Just
thought I would drop you
extensively (now has approx.
20,000 miles under his collar)
and loves it.  All the world is
one big kennel to him and he is
happy as long as he has his
pack with him.
He has completed several obedience classes, has his Rally Novice title, his CGN and just recently has
passed the test to be an Adult Therapy Dog with St. John Ambulance so this fall we will starting a new
journey visiting our local hospital and seniors' home.  I believe he will shine as a therapy dog because he
loves people. This past spring we had an opportunity to visit the Give Kids the World Village in Kissimmee,
Florida where we spent the day visiting the facility.  What a hit he was there and so good - he has an
innate sense of gentle caring. And he is a show stopper!  So very handsome - his markings are quite
spectacular - he has a beautiful full saddle of black over his back.  We are often asked where he comes
from and we very proudly say Paris Poodles!  Thank you so much for our boy.   
                                                                         -Dennis, Dryden Ontario
We thought that you and (particularly) Shayla might like to
hear how our wonderful puppies are doing.  The pictures
taken by my daughter-in-law are now just a moth old and
Dexter and Rusty have grown a ton since then.  Dexter is
weigh around 40lbs.  The photo was taken on a lunch stop
at two beautiful lakes where they had great fun splashing
around.  Rusty swims and Dexter has gone as far as neural
buoyancy!  He hangs floating in the water with the
occasional push off with one foot (really funny) and
obviously would be swimming too if we had stayed with it
for a little longer.  I'm sure he will swim by next summer.  
They are both magnificent puppies who are remarked on
everywhere they go.  We have had many comments about
them being so well behaved too - nice for our egos that
they saw them at the right time.  
Both puppies are going (separate classes) to obedience, a class called Pet Manners, with Monique Answer.  
She's amazing having taken part in the World Championships (obedience) at Crufts and having been asked
back to give a demonstration.  She works with vicious dogs too but is just lovely with puppies.  Rusty has
been once and she was impressed with how he walks correctly on a totally loose lead.  Dexter starts in a
week.  Monique closes the show here in Victoria for Caesar Milan, and apparently he was cheering on the
sidelines.  The amazing thing is that she lives in Metchosin, just down the road from us.

As you'll gather we are more that delighted with both of our puppies.  Rusty is a huge character with an
amazing zest for life in any form that comes along.  Dexter is the best puppy I have every had.  He is so
affectionate, gentle and devoted.  If you call him he will spin on a dime and take off full tilt just like a fully
trained retriever.  Everyone is stunned by his looks and colouring and most don't know what he is.  

Both puppies are glossy and glorious with amazing coats and they are growing like weeds, and are the
nicest pups to have around.  They loved their two camping trips this year and behaved really beautifully.

We hope your summer went well.  It looks as though Shayla has had a busy and successful time.

Best wishes from two very happy owners and their lively charges who are making the most of our 3 acres!

Mary and Steve
We LOVE having Rusty as part of our family.  What an affectionate
to go on walks, and equally loves to hang out and snuggle. He is
We LOVE having Rusty as part of our family.  What an affectionate
social and enjoys meeting other dogs.  We get lots of comments
social and enjoys meeting other dogs.  We get lots of comments
about how cute he is and lots of people asking him what kind of dog
he is-- they often think he is some kind of mix and they can't figure
out his merle coat. We think he is fully grown at 7 month at about
16 pounds and about 15 inches-- a perfect size for us!

Thanks for bringing Rusty into our lives!

I've included some photos for you.  

All the best,
Erica, Alan, Naomi and Julian
I wanted to connect with you to tell you how much we love
our sweet little Paris Poodle Daisy!! She has a sweet and
slightly mischievous personality which we love.  She is
soooo smart and eager to learn. She is very active and
energetic. We couldn't be happier with her. I've just sent a
collage of some photos. I cannot bring myself to clip her
fluffy red body yet, but we've done her face. She started
puppy classes last week and is doing well. We put her in an
awesome doggy daycare when we both have to
work...which really helps with socializing and burning off
excess energy!

She is adorable, smart and the love of our lives! She is
doing very well with obedience training. Finished first in her
Puppy Class! (proud mama)

Hope all is well with your family.

Take good care

Sharon, Gerry & Daisy
Buttercup lives in Ottawa
Ontario with Ann & John
The day she
arrived at her
new home!
As an adult....
I thought you might like to see Rose in
her 8th month.  We had a great outing
today on Kaslo's wonderful off leash dog
park during a respite from the heavy
clouds and rain that wouldn't be out of
place on the Lower Mainland.  I thought
it would be a great time to take some
photos so here she is.  Rose is a
wonderful dog and we are so glad that
we have her in our lives.  Thanks.
I'm sending you some photos of Rose (Prim)
taken about a week ago.  You can see she has
really been making progress in her education
and soon we will give her the keys and she will
be able to drive the machine and use the
backhoe.  Rose had her first grooming session
today and she looks quite different.  I'm still
getting over how much older she looks.  Hope
you enjoy the photos of Rose at the site of our
new home.

She is everything we hoped for in a poodle.  
Barrie is quite smitten with her.  She is learning
quickly (besides becoming a machine operator)
and knows how to sit, stay (not too long),
comes extremely well with a great deal of joy,
leave things when told, retrieves, goes into the
water up to her tummy, knows to go "this way",
but hasn't mastered the skill of not badgering
poor old Darby.  She is great when out on a
walk as she will lie down and wait for us to
finish our chin-wagging when we meet people.  
She does off leash very well, she takes food
from a small child ever so gently and doesn't try
and take any food from their hands.  That last
item (not trying to take food from a child)
seems to be inherent in her good manners, as
that has never been taught her, and it made me
very proud of her when I saw it happening even
though Rose is still quite young.

Great dog and thanks!

Florence & Berrie
Harley is doing great. He went on his
first trail ride last Saturday and stayed
with us really well. We went about 6.5
miles. He's very obedient and friendly.

Harley has such unique coloring and a
great personality.

I'm taking him to agility classes and he's
doing very well. He's about 17" at the
shoulder and weighs about 26lbs, a
perfect size as far as I'm concerned.

I do plan to show him in agility when
he's ready.

Bend, Oregon
Our boy (Zephyr) is 11 months and is wonderful.  He's so much fun.  We have two other standard
poodles - and Zeff is the only one who likes to cuddle.  He's on raw food and is doing very well at
65 lbs.

I've trained him to help me.  My other two dogs do a lot to help me (I have a neurological disease -
spinocerebellar ataxia).  Zeff will take clothes to the laundry room; he'll get me clean socks off the
couch; he'll help me with my balance (hopefully he'll grow a little taller for that); he walks beside me
(ignoring dogs, etc.) and helps me go down hills; he pulls on my coat sleeves to help me take my
coat off (he's very good at that and stops immediately when the sleeve is off me); he picks things
up off the floor that I need; he carries packages for me; and he picks up my walking stick/cane
when I drop them.

He's an excellent dog!!!  He has had some growling issues with my more submissive dog (Zeff will
guard things with a growl) - but I've worked hard with him, and that has passed.

He's a lot of fun at the dog park - all the dogs love him and he is gentle with dogs that are
afraid/too old/too young.  

Thank you for my friend, my Zeff.
Falling asleep......