Testimonials Page 6
Attached are a couple of
pictures of  Rusty at 11

Rusty will be going for his
second shots this friday.
He is full of beans, so interested in every sound and sight around him.
Rusty still sleeps with the blanket you sent home with him, the keys
are still one of his favorite toys.

Rusty has brought much more laughter and activity to our home.
Thank you once again for giving us a wonderful companion.

Anne and Bruce
Perla- Lives in Brentwood
California with her
wonderful family!
I am enclosing a few pictures of
Ferrous, who is really big boy

He is always ready to play ball,
frisbee,  carrying around toys
or playing some searching games
around the house.

We have lots of fun going to
flyball practice, practicing
agility and we are also recently
start work on tracking (not the
right doggy sport for winter in
Upstate New York)

Thank-you for a great dog.

New York
"Snuggling up to Mama comes
natural to a Paris Poodle"

Enzo is by far the most driven
dog I have ever had. He is also
the most affectionate!  

He is just a sweet and happy boy
and we enjoy him every day.

We are in an agility class with a
Border Collie, a Lab and a Duck

Enzo sticks out as a quick
learner and knowing pretty well
what his job (game) is. He is a
delight to run with and certainly
always turns heads. Not just
because he looks stunning, still
having his black racing stripe,
but also because of his sunny

Best wishes,

Brigitte & Enzo
Dixie and Dolly light up our lives.
They are just like kids to us....yet smarter.
Enjoy the picture in their new snowsuits.
Thank you soooo much for breeding such
wonderfully intelligent, beautiful poodles.

Dennis & Melton
Washington State
Poodle Snow Suits
I wanted to send you a note about Duke.  He is doing really well.  
weighs around 65 pounds and the vet figures he will grow a
little more.  He is a very happy dog and has become my
“shadow”.  He has the best temperament.  He loves everyone he
meets including children and other animals.  He is so smart.  I
am sure he understands everything I say to him.  Duke is a
really nice looking dog and we always get asked where we got
him (which we proudly answer).  He is a very loved (and spoiled)
dog and I am not sure what we did before we had him.  He gets
along so well with our two cats and they hang out together all
the time.

I attached a picture of him that I took just today.  He even
posed for it.  We have so many pictures of him but I wanted
you to see what he looks like right now.  

Chilliwack BC
Joey lives in New Jersey
Pendleton lives with
John & Patti in Shelton
Our little Tessa (Shara's name choice has
stuck)  is doing very well.  She has a
voracious appetite and had no trouble
switching to raw food.  I buy good quality
ready made balanced meals for her and
although it is expensive I feel it is
important to get her off to a good start.  
Our Vancouver vet home visited her yesterday and
another de- worming and Dr. Calland will advise on
future vaccinations. Needless to say, he was
charmed by her noting the intelligence in her eyes
and how easy she is to handle which he credited to
you, a good breeder. He has border collies and said
that the only other breed he would have would be
the standard poodle!

Tessa now weighs almost 15 pounds,  plays endlessly
with Lucy, sleeps 8 hours at night, knows her name
and sits on command. She is also quite good on leash.
Lucy mothers her and is teaching her, ie not to jump
at the screen door or chew the deck chairs.

I am close to settling on Tess's whole name and will
let you know soon. The photos attached were taken
over a week ago.

Enzo is MAD...... but this is nothing to worry about, it
stands for Master Agility Dog of Canada!

It means that he has run 3 clean runs under standard time
at the highest level of Agility in Canada. He did so well the
last few weeks. He has achieved this title in 9 months
which is quite an achievement. Not too many dogs get
there before they turn 2 1/2. Am I assuming correct that
he is the first Paris Poodle to get this title? Enzo is still
not very consistent, but I know we will get there. He just
needs more experience, I need to handle him correctly
and we will succeed. I think we are a great team and there
are many more titles to come!

Enzo is very healthy, lean and athletic.  He is such a joy to
live with and we love him to pieces.

Best wishes to you, your family and all the 4 legged

Brigitte and Superstar Enzo
Perla!  Don't get me wrong, I adore Perla
and her nuttiness but we got her in the
winter and dealt with the weather issues
going to the bathroom and such.  Buster is
so calm, hangs out.  The girls even put him
on the top bunk of their doll bunk beds
and he just fell asleep!  He looks for them
in the morning too.  He is already going
room by himself at times when he is just
done!  Perla and him are playing very well
and it tiring Perla out. I finally think her
maternal instinct came out this morning
when I saw her licking his ear.  It was a
very sweet moment.  

I told Dave after getting Buster for a
couple of days that he may not be our last

Thank you!