Testimonials Page 4
Our Puppy is doing well. We have
changed his puppy name [not too
drastically], just changed the sounds
around from Ce-Dar to Darcy [Mr
Fitzwilliam Darcy/Pride and Prejudice -
on formal occasions!]. He is thriving, he
weighs 23lbs today, and has completely
won my husband over.
He is constantly saying what a good "farm" dog Darcy is, and how smart Darcy is... he
follows my husband on all his chores and stays near and watches. Today we took Darcy
with us to Max's 'Big Dogs Walk' at Island View Beach and he appeared to think he
was quite as big as any old Mastiff, St Bernard or Leonburger!!

His puppy class starts on Thursday, but he already knows almost everything!!
Thanks again,
Vancouver Island, BC Canada

Our boy Enzo (Blaze) is doing great.  He is quite the
puppy.  Everyone loves him, he is very friendly with
all the people he meets and loves other dogs.  I
have attached some photos as we think he's extra
good looking.  

Seattle, WA

We are back on Lopez Island, and life is
good for Raven.  She is happy to be in
the tall trees, grass, climate of the
Northwest again.  She loves hiking trails
from home out to the state park
mornings, a couple or three miles.  She
is getting to be a big girl, due to have
her rabies shot next week.

While we were in Arizona, she met many
people and played with other puppies
and more mature dogs regularly.  She is
quite well socialized.  When we paddled
along the shore of a lake, she was
curious about the feel of floating and
then enjoyed bird watching.

Raven is a beautiful puppy:  smart,
curious, fun loving, inventive.  Her
movements are strong and flowing.  She
would rather go over the fallen tree
trunk than around.  Friends remark how
calm and gentle she is, as well.  She is a
wonderful girl, and you can be proud of
her, as we are.
Thought you might enjoy these pictures.  

Best wishes,

Fran and Kay

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that
Tikko passed his Canine Good Neighbor yesterday
with flying colors.  He is a very handsome boy with
lots of spunk.  We are having a lot of fun now that
the weather is getting warmer.  It won't be long
before we are able to get out in the boat to do some
fishing - one of Tikko's favorite pass times.
Hope you and your family are doing well.
Take care
Dryden, Ont
I am the proud owner of Angus!

I just wanted to show you a picture of Angus
since he is so much bigger then the last time
you saw him!!

We love him so much!!


Just a quick note and a photo of Charlie and Allan.
Charlie turned 3 Tuesday this week (Nov 24 2009),
and we thought you would like to see a photo of her,
and to learn that she has grown into a fantastic dog.
We could not be more delighted. She is strong,
healthy, loving, obedient (mostly), and a great
companion. We walk her every day on the beach or in
the local regional park. She is well socialised with
both people and other dogs. A true joy.

Thank you again for having bred such a wonderful dog.

Best regards,

Allan and Sandy
Gibsons BC
Hi there, Folks with the most wonderful dogs!  

I just wanted to let you know how amazing this
puppy is and, I don't know how you did it, but  Rico
has turned out to be the best possible dog for me.  
He came from the litter born June 1 2009 (Horatio
and Jill), we picked him up at the end of July, and
in September the three of us drove back to North
Carolina by way of Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Sequoia
NP, Grand Canyon, Santa Fe.  He didn't much want
to get back in the car for a while after we got
home, but he's over it now and knows for sure
that getting in the car means good things.

Rico is doing well in puppy classes (on his way to
being a therapy dog) and he experienced his first
snow yesterday and today (14 or 15 inches, alot for
through and through!)

Anyway, thought you might get a kick out of the
pictures (check out the snow pom pons...that's how
you know he is a poodle).  I suppose I won't be
able to resist getting another puppy in a couple of
years.  Rico is THE BEST DOG EVER!

Thanks so much!

Deane and Rico
Asheville, NC
It’s been a busy few months for the 2 of us. We
attended an air scent seminar in VA in October
and the team (Sarasota SAR) sent us to  a Human
Remains seminar in Nov. I actually think Mishka
will make a better HR dog than wilderness air
has naturally slowed down and works very
methodically when given her HR search command.
Mishka and l just wanted to pass along that
today we passed our “A” level field test, which
makes us an
operational team! We found in
16 minutes (we had 30), so it went well in what
was very windy conditions. It was a great
feeling when l saw her heading back to me to
indicate (she jumps on me to say she’s found).
In the last few months she has really closed in,
does not range very far from me until she is in
strong scent, but she is an easy dog to read in
scent.As we move through our sector l am able
to hone in on the hot zone until she is close
enough to take off and at  that point she does
what she has to do! I will start to work on the
ranging now, try and get her to work away from
me more, but if she doesn’t I will just have to
cover more ground.
It’s been amazing to watch the difference and she seems to really enjoy the work. We had some
amazing training set up throughout the week at the Brevard County seminar and she definitely has
scent recognition, it is just getting her indication stronger. She’s such a great girl, affectionate with
a  beautiful personality and l love her to death. While she is not a high, high drive dog she does have a
strong play drive and such a willingness to please. I think I could fail out of all training tomorrow and
still be happy, b/c we have such a wonderful companion in Mishka (and not forgetting Peanut and
Shadow of course).I have done some agility with her as well and she’s not too bad at that either! She
loves the jumps. I had to laugh when l read the bio you have up for Heather (Mishka’s Mum). You talk
about her jumping from a standing start, well let me tell you Mishka’s story. Wes was sitting in the
driver’s seat of our Pathfinder (SUV) and Mishka was standing right beside the closed door. From a
standing start she jumped through his window and into the passenger’s seat, not touching either the
window frame or Wes on her way through. She could jump our fence in a heart beat if she wanted to,
but thankfully she loves Peanut and Shadow too much to do that.

Take care and happy searching
Jen & Mishka  
animals including the Macaw. He has
completed intro Agility, and will be
starting Beginners Agility in January.
We all love him very much and can't
imagine our family without him. Darcy &
Max the Great Dane are inseparable
and Darcy and Zippy the Siamese
actually play together.

All is well.
Vancouver Island, BC Canada