Menton is GREAT!!!!! He is growing fast - up to 20
inches at  the withers, almost 35 pounds this
morning. He is still Irish Setter red and just
beautiful in the sunlight! See the picture we just
took this afternoon.

He is incredibly smart - and sleeps thru the night
now  We did the bell on the door trick to help with
house training and he got it within 2-3 days. That
was a month ago and cross your fingers, no
accidents since we got him trained to ring the bell
when he needs to go out.
Tim takes him up in our woods and he frolics across and under the downed limbs, runs on the trails
that have been worn down, he looks just like the pictures of his father Horatio. It is great to see
him fitting into his environment so well. Tim has had him swimming in the salt water at the beach 2
blocks from our house three times.

He is not afraid of water. He also went on a rubber raft in a swimming pool with Tim and our
nephews down in Oregon. This dog is a great traveler and he has logged about 1500 car miles
since June 2.

He has a great sense of smell, loves to play with his too many toys (the round string ball you gave
him is one of the favorites because it fits in his mouth so well) is smart- has learned the
difference in the size of deer, stays on paths, walks on the left side when on the leash in a public
area, loves kids, will play with almost any other dogs, has a great , loud bark and is very protective
when anyone drives up to the house (poor UPS and Fed EX)- as you can tell we love him more than
we could ever imagine we could again.

Look his picture, nice conformation (Tim does the haircuts and baths) and great personality.

You truly picked a GREAT Dog for us, he has 5-star genes and is showing us how wonderful you
are in breeding and raising these pups.

Your Can-Am cousin,
Judith Linn
Just a quick note to let you know that everything is awesome
with us. Roscoe is an INCREDIBLE swimmer, even retrievers
have a hard time keeping up with him. Can’t keep him out of the
water! He’s a great hiker as well He seems to be very large
compared to other poodles, weighing in at 75 Lbs, and taller
than any poodle we have met, and most retrievers & Labs as
well.  Time to cut him short now though, he picks up everything
in his hair and takes forever to dry.

We have done 3 obedience classes, passed with flying colors.
Even won awards. Has the most incredible disposition. We are
making arrangements to get him into the Therapy program as
well. He has also been lent out to socialize puppies that are
afraid of large dogs.

Thanks again. My husband loves his "curly coated retriever". I
have attached a couple of photos, but he’s sooo black, he’s hard
to photograph.

Remo & Cheryl
Abbotsford BC
Tess is incredible!  We are so very happy with her!  At
four months she is getting her grown-up teeth, she is
such a people pleaser and so sweet natured!  We start
the puppy training class later this month.

I did have a question.  Did she have any experiences with
cats?  It may just be a personality difference, but I am
going to ask Indie's breeder too.  Indie wants to chase
the cats.  Tess wants to make friends with them.  Also,
did she have much brushing or grooming as a pup?  Tess
loves being brushed.  Indie reluctantly tolerates it.  

Tess is growing fast.  Everyday she seems to be learning
some new thing.  She can't yet jump up on our bed, but
anyday now she'll have conquered that hurdle!

Washington State
Just wanted to let you know that we are sooo happy with Jazz!  
Wanted to send a picture of her kayaking with us in January but
everytime we try to send it, it won't go because file is too big.  
She didn't care for the water so climbed up onto the back of
the kayak and perched herself there for the ride.  Would not
head for shore though cause I guess she wanted to be part of
the action.  It was sight to behold!!  

We get lots of compliments about her and when asked if she is
a Labradoodle or a Portuguese Water Dog (which is more often
than anything else) we proudly say she is a Standard Poodle.

So we just wanted to give you an update even though I'm sure
you hear from many other people but when you've breed a good
dog I think you should know!  

Take care and good luck with your new pups.

Burnaby BC
Luke is allergic to dogs but can live
with Bourre his very own Paris Poodle!
"Never thought we'd see the and
Luke is beside himself!   

PS.  Bourre' is the name, fun is
the game!"

Photo by Luke's Mom Rachel
from Huston Texas
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Paris Poodles Loomis with her
16 year old best friend!

Living in Bellingham Washington
Paris Poodles Remy -
Sophie and Horatio Daughter

Live in North Carolina with Tom and Jon.
Rusty lives with his family in
Ontario Canada!
"It is getting hard to work at the
desk!  The girls don't seem to
know that they have grown up! "
"Everyone's had breakfast, the walk is
done, the paper's been read.   It's time
for the late morning nap before getting
ready to go to school.  Now you know why
we ned a bigger sofa.  Poor Jon's being  
squeezed off more and more every time a
poodle stretches."
Heather and Horatio Daughter!