Paris Poodles at Work and Sport
Agility fun trial in August 2008.

High Jump Competition!
Kahlu took second place!
Look at the
attention to his
handler! His hind
feet are not on the
ground yet and he
is looking for

Good boy!
Paris Poodles Kahlu ADC, SGDC
(Agility Dog of Canada)
(Starters Games Dog of Canada)
Brigitte has spent a lot of
time and energy bringing
Kahlu to his full potential.
Fantastic Job Brigitte!
Paris Poodles Mishka.
- aka: The Canadian Water Hound

Mishka has started her training in
Search and Rescue work and doing

She was using her nose to  hunt
things out in the house, before we
even got out into the field, so its  
been very encouraging. She appears
to enjoy the hunt and doesn't give up
and  even likes to play with the
subject once she finds them, doesn't
appear to need external sources to
be her reward. We are going to a 5
day air scent  seminar in October in
Oklahoma; an old team mate from
DOGS East is teaching, so  it will
also be a bit of a reunion.
Mishka and Jen her handler
Paris Poodles Mishka
at a Search and Rescue seminar
in Oklahoma 2008

One of the instructors said she
had to keep reminding herself
that she was only 7 months old
and not to push her too much.
She did fantastic.
Mishka and l just wanted to pass along that today we passed our “A” level field test, which makes
us an
operational team! We found in 16 minutes (we had 30), so it went well in what was very
windy conditions. It was a great feeling when l saw her heading back to me to indicate (she jumps
on me to say she’s found). In the last few months she has really closed in, does not range very far
from me until she is in strong scent, but she is an easy dog to read in scent. As we move through
our sector l am able to hone in on the hot zone until she is close enough to take off and at  that
point she does what she has to do! I will start to work on the ranging now, try and get her to work
away from me more, but if she doesn’t I will just have to cover more ground.

It’s been a busy few months for the 2 of us. We attended an air scent seminar in VA in October and
the team (Sarasota SAR) sent us to  a Human Remains seminar in Nov. I actually think Mishka will
make a better HR dog than wilderness air scent. She obviously likes to work close, but she has
naturally slowed down and works very methodically when given her HR search command. It’s been
amazing to watch the difference and she seems to really enjoy the work. We had some amazing
training set up throughout the week at the Brevard County seminar and she definitely has scent
recognition, it is just getting her indication stronger. She’s such a great girl, affectionate with a  
beautiful personality and l love her to death. While she is not a high, high drive dog she does have
a strong play drive and such a willingness to please. I think I could fail out of all training tomorrow
and still be happy, b/c we have such a wonderful companion in Mishka (and not forgetting Peanut
and Shadow of course).

I have done some agility with her as well and she’s not too bad at that either! She loves the jumps.
I had to laugh when l read the bio you have up for Heather (Mishka’s Mum). You talk about her
jumping from a standing start, well let me tell you Mishka’s story. Wes was sitting in the driver’s
seat of our Pathfinder (SUV) and Mishka was standing right beside the closed door. From a
standing start she jumped through his window and into the passenger’s seat, not touching either
the window frame or Wes on her way through. She could jump our fence in a heart beat if she
wanted to, but thankfully she loves Peanut and Shadow too much to do that.

Take care and happy searching
Jen & Mishka  
Paris Poodles Mishka- Operational Search and Rescue Dog-