Rescued Dogs
Needing Homes!
    We have received e-mails from people debating whether to adopt a puppy from us or
    from a local animal rescue society.

    We can answer that easily and without hesitation.  If you want a dog and do not care if
    it is a Paris Standard Poodle or a mutt PLEASE consider getting a dog needing a
    home. Adopt from an Animal Rescue facility!!!

    Our dogs always find homes.  We make the new guardian of the dog sign a legal
    contract that explains that we will ALWAYS take back a dog bred by us.  The new
    owner is prohibited, as per that contract, to surrender any dog we have created to ANY
    rescue organization.  It must be returned to us!  There are far too many animals that
    need homes that live in animal shelters.  One of our babies will not be one of them.

    Unfortunately not all breeders feel this way.  Although breeding does not generate
    money for the breeder some people are still convinced it does and produce dogs and
    THEN realize how expensive it is.  It is those people who cannot afford to take their
    dogs back if someone doesn’t want their dog any more.  

    When adopting a dog from us you must realize that these dogs are our babies.  We do
    grieve when they go to their new homes.  We care deeply about their development and
    want to know how they are doing for their whole lives.  We cannot imagine it any other

    We encourage people to check out their local animal shelter for dogs that need homes.  
    ALMOST every breed can be found there.  Fortunately for the Standard Poodle, they
    are rarely in the animal control facilities.  While over 70,000 Labrador Retrievers found
    themselves in Animal shelters last year alone, less than 100 Standard Poodles did.

    So please PLEASE if you just want a dog and you don’t really care which breed
    consider a rescue dog.  If you want a Paris Standard Poodle THEN we can help you.  

    Here are some links to some great websites where you can browse for your new

    Also try doing a search using words such as ‘animal control’ ‘animal rescue’ and then
    put your town or a nearby town.  If you are having difficulty finding a website feel free to
    email us and we can help you search for a site.